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Community Mental Health offers walk in or call crisis 24 Hours a Day (Walk-in services are for those in immediate crisis and cannot wait for an appointment). Contact Us to get directions to the CMH Building. Crisis services provides crisis intervention, assessment, and screening for voluntary and involuntary psychiatric hospitalization.
Toll Free: 800.372.8460
Local: 517.346.8460
TTY: 517.267.7623
Mental Health Crisis
  • Community Service for Developmentally Disabled
    Community Service for Developmentally Disabled
    The mission of CSDD is to promote and support ongoing choices and opportunities for children and adults and their families to be full and equal citizens in the community.
Clinical Services staff –nursing, dietary, psychology, occupational therapy, speech therapy, and psychiatry are available to assist individuals with assessment, development of treatment plans, providing and/or monitoring treatment. All staff are licensed, registered, and/or certified to provide services in their areas of expertise. Evidence-based practices are utilized to help each individual optimize their inclusion in the community. Services are provided in a variety of settings, including the individual’s home.

The majority of the staff in the Clinical Services Unit have more than 20 years of experience working with individuals with intellectual/developmental disabilities (including those individuals with autism spectrum disorders).

Clinical Services Programs

Autism Support

The CMHA-CEI Autism Support Program provides a place for children and adults with autism spectrum disorders to be evaluated, receive treatment to maximize their life potential. The staff works collaboratively with other agency resources: MSU, Residential Options Inc, Peckham, Mid MI Autism Association, aspire to provide a comprehensive array of resources and services in the mid MI area. Training is an integral part of the center reaching out to the community (especially parents and siblings of individuals with ASD). Clinical staff have and will continue to receive additional training related to the latest evidence-based, promising practices as outlined in the National Standards Project. The majority of staff have worked with children and adults with autism spectrum disorders for an average of 20 years. The following evidence-based practices are utilized in the treatment of individuals served by our program: Antecedent-Based Interventions, Functional Behavior Assessment, Naturalistic Intervention, Self Management, Visual Supports, Video Modeling, Social Narratives, Joint Attention, Picture Exchange Communication System, and Speech Generating Devices.
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Medication Clinic

The psychiatrists who work with individuals served by CSDD are under the clinical supervision of the CEI Medical Director. They provide psychiatric evaluations, medication prescription management, and ongoing monitoring of the mental health of over 440 adults requiring psychiatric services. The psychiatrists, along with the Clinical Services nursing staff work closely to coordinate care with the individuals primary care physician, the local pharmacies, hospitals, and labs. Some children with developmental disabilities are seen by psychiatrists at the Children Services program.
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The Nursing staff at CSDD provide ongoing nursing assessments, specialized nursing care plans to address the medical issues as well as psychiatric issues, in-service care plans, monitoring, treatment, and care coordination with community agencies (hospitals, community physicians/specialists, labs, pharmacies, medical supply companies). They also provide medication and support for individuals seen at the CSDD Medication clinic.
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Registered dietitians provide nutrition assessments, nutrition care plans for special dietary needs, provide nutrition education and consultation, individualized menus and promote healthy lifestyles. The RDs also provide food safety, sanitation instruction, and work with individuals on making healthy choices, grocery shopping, and meal preparation.
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Occupational Therapy

The Occupational Therapists provide assessment, treatment, consultation, training, and monitoring in the following areas: Activities of daily living skills, sensory processing disorders, therapeutic exercise, obtaining assistive/adaptive equipment, mobility devices (wheelchairs, walkers), orthotics; teach ergonomics - body mechanics and transfer techniques, neuromuscular management, development of cognitive skills, and community/work integration training.
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Psychology Services

The Psychologists provide court-ordered psychological evaluations for guardianship hearings for individuals with developmental disabilities in probate court, functional behavioral assessments for individuals with challenging behaviors, crisis evaluation and management, specialized individual therapeutic services, and develop positive support plans (using the principles of a culture of gentleness) along with ongoing consultation and monitoring. A few of the evidence-based practices used in the delivery of services include: Antecedent-Based Interventions, Functional Behavior Assessment, Naturalistic Intervention, Self Management.
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Speech / Language Pathology

The Speech-Language Pathologists provide evaluation and treatment in the areas of speech production, language, voice, swallowing function (specialized training in the Beckman Oral Motor Interventions), and perform hearing screenings. In addition, they have specialized training in the Picture Exchange Communication System (PECS), and assist individuals with a variety of alternative-augmentative communication devices – sign language, voice output communication devices, iPads, etc. They have experience working with individuals with autism spectrum disorders and implementing evidence-based practices such as joint attention, visual supports, etc. Some of the evidence-based practices utilized include: Visual Supports, Video Modeling, Social Narratives, Joint Attention, Picture Exchange Communication System, Speech Generating Devices, Staff have also been specially trained in the Beckman Oral Motor intervention.
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Cost for Services

CMHA-CEI provides specialty behavioral health and substance use services for people who meet criteria for our service array. We accept Medicaid, Healthy Michigan Plan and other publically funded health insurance. Fees are assessed based on the client's ability to pay. A coverage determination will identify a person's ability to pay along with any public funding that might be available.

Please contact Access (1-888-800-1559 or 517-346-8318) for eligibility determination.

CMHA-CEI does not offer stand-alone psychiatry services.


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Ron B.

16-01-2013 Hits:16149 CSDD Testimonials Jason Moon

I love it here.  The staff listen to me and take good care of me.

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Satisfied Client

16-01-2013 Hits:15776 CSDD Testimonials Jason Moon

The staff is the best.  They treat us with respect.

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Satisfied Client

20-12-2012 Hits:15809 CSDD Testimonials Jason Moon

They have done a really good job taking care of my needs and it has been a great experience here at this facility.

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The mission of CSDD is to promote and support ongoing choices and opportunities for children and adults and their families to be full and equal citizens in the community.


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