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Community Mental Health offers walk in or call crisis 24 Hours a Day (Walk-in services are for those in immediate crisis and cannot wait for an appointment). Contact Us to get directions to the CMH Building. Crisis services provides crisis intervention, assessment, and screening for voluntary and involuntary psychiatric hospitalization.
Toll Free: 800.372.8460
Local: 517.346.8460
TTY: 517.267.7623
Mental Health Crisis
  • Adult Mental Health Services
    Adult Mental Health Services
    CMHA-CEI provides an array of local services and supports designed to allow developmentally disabled and mentally impaired residents of the tri-county area an equal opportunity to become a full and equal citizen of their community and increase their level of independence.

The CMHA-CEI Adult Mental Health Services Program (AMHS) provides a variety of services to adults recovering from various forms of mental illness. At AMHS, our vision is to promote recovery from mental illness and co-occurring disorders. AMHS staff seek to empower our consumers in all aspects of their daily lives by implementing a person-centered approach. AMHS staff will provide a variety of evidence based treatments and techniques as we strive to be the provider of choice for mental health services throughout the Tri-County area. Peer support is an invaluable component of the overall treatment approach at AMHS, and we actively seek out consumer input or suggestions regarding how to best meet the treatment needs of those we serve.



Targeted Case Management


Targeted Case Management is a service intended to assess and treat persons experiencing a severe and persistent mental illness. This service can include mental health therapy, psychiatric services, nursing services, groups, and/or help with various other aspects of daily living.
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Outreach Case Management


The AMHS Outreach Case Management Program (OCMS) provides intensive case management services to persons with very severe mental illnesses who struggle to participate in a primarily office based setting. The OCMS team provides monitoring in the community and meets a variety of daily treatment needs which can not be met by family and/or other natural supports.
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Assertive Community Treatment


The AMHS Assertive Community Treatment Program (ACT) provides intensive daily to weekly treatment services to very severely mentally ill persons who refuse to participate in, or can not accept, an office based treatment setting. ACT staff typically check in with clients in their homes on a daily basis to monitor symptom remission, reduce potential harm from substance use, and minimize potential risks or concerns stemming from their illness.
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Older Adult Services Program


The AMHS Older Adult Services Program (OAS) provides intensive mental health and/or nursing case management to elderly individuals with severe and persistent mental illnesses. The OAS Program provides a Day Program for those who desire, and can benefit from, structured cognitive and mental health rehabilitation activities.
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Crisis Response and Crisis Recovery Program


Crisis Recovery/Crisis Response services are intended to stabilize persons who are experiencing an acute emotional or psychosocial crisis. Help may be sought through CMHA-CEI Central Access or through the Crisis Services Department, if after normal business hours.
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Charter House Psychosoical Rehabilitation Program

Charter House

Charter House is a community-based outpatient psychiatric rehabilitation program designed to help adults with mental illness cope with and recover from the symptoms and impairment associated with their illness. Emphasis is placed upon minimizing symptoms and enhancing social, vocational, and daily living skills in an environment which emphasizes individual strengths in a normalizing setting that provides participants with a sense of belonging and meaningful, purposeful activity.
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Residential Services


AMHS utilizes a variety of residential programs to provide a range of living arrangements and services including room, board, personal care, supervision, and medication administration. In addition, many residences provide various learning experiences in areas such as daily living skills, getting along with others, recovery from substance use, and/or locating and utilizing community resources.
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Bridges Crisis Unit


The AMHS Bridges Crisis Unit (BCU) provides 24 hour, seven day per week, supervision and treatment for persons who do not require the intensity of treatment provided in a psychiatric hospital setting. BCU provides daily milieu therapy, groups, psychiatric monitoring, case management, support for ongoing recovery from substance use, and coordination of services. BCU serves persons who are currently in treatment with CMHA-CEI or who present at Crisis Services and are experiencing circumstances which do not meet the threshold for inpatient psychiatric care.
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Outpatient Counseling Services


Outpatient Counseling Services, called our Wellness Counseling Centers, offer mental health therapy for adults ages 18 and older. Individuals seen at the Wellness Counseling Centers may be dealing with feelings such as depression or anxiety, struggling with multiple life stressors, or trying to cope with past or current trauma in their life.
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Cost for Services

CMHA-CEI provides specialty behavioral health and substance use services for people who meet criteria for our service array. We accept Medicaid, Healthy Michigan Plan and other publically funded health insurance. Fees are assessed based on the client's ability to pay. A coverage determination will identify a person's ability to pay along with any public funding that might be available.

Please contact Access (1-888-800-1559 or 517-346-8318) for eligibility determination.

CMHA-CEI does not offer stand-alone psychiatry services.


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20-12-2012 Hits:11083 AMHS Testimonials Jason Moon

I have a purpose now, which is something I never felt before in my life.

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Nedra Y.

20-12-2012 Hits:12046 AMHS Testimonials Jason Moon

Before I started seeing ZoeAnn or Ron I had no confidence or self-esteem.  Depression was constant.  I wanted to hurt myself, I had no love for myself.  Anger ruled my life.  After coming here for many years my therapist helped me to turn my life around in a positive manner to love myself and have the confidence and self-esteem to “Git ‘er Done!”  I learned that I am a very special and loving person.  I am very proud to have come here and have had the love and understanding and support from ZoeAnn and Ron.  The saddest part about leaving this world some day will be leaving these wonderful people behind.  Thank you for all the confidence you have given me.

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20-12-2012 Hits:11312 AMHS Testimonials Jason Moon

For someone like me who doesn't have a family, the clubhouse has become my family.

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Harvey S.

20-12-2012 Hits:11192 AMHS Testimonials Jason Moon

I like all the services I get here, no complaints at all!

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Mitch S.

20-12-2012 Hits:10870 AMHS Testimonials Jason Moon

I think coming here has helped me a lot.  My therapist and doctor always listen to me and try to help me.

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The CMHA-CEI Adult Mental Health Services Program (AMHS) provides a variety of services to adults recovering from various forms of mental illness. At AMHS, our vision is to promote recovery from mental illness and co-occurring disorders.


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