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Community Mental Health offers walk in or call crisis 24 Hours a Day (Walk-in services are for those in immediate crisis and cannot wait for an appointment). Contact Us to get directions to the CMH Building. Crisis services provides crisis intervention, assessment, and screening for voluntary and involuntary psychiatric hospitalization.
Toll Free: 800.372.8460
Local: 517.346.8460
TTY: 517.267.7623
Mental Health Crisis
  • Main Location
    Main Location

    Community Mental Health CEI’s main building is conveniently located on Jolly Road in Lansing between Cedar Street and Pennsylvania Avenue

  • Detox Programs
    Detox Programs

    The Recovery Center offers detox services in the downtown Lansing area.

  • CATS Program
    CATS Program

    The CATS Program in Mason offers outpatient treatment to those incarcerated in the Ingham County Jail

  • Outpatient Program
    Outpatient Program

    Clinton County Counseling Center in St. Johns offers outpatient services to individuals in Clinton County.

  • Residential Program
    Residential Program

    The House of Commons in Mason offers residential substance use disorder treatment for men.


The Substance Abuse Services and Corrections Mental Health programs of Community Mental Health Authority of Clinton, Eaton and Ingham Counties (CMHA CEI) offer a program that provides outpatient screening, assessment, individual and group counseling, family intervention and psycho-education to residents of Clinton County. Individuals or agencies interested in making a referral may contact CMHA-CEI Access Department at 888-800-1559 or (517) 346-8318.

Treatment Services

  • Assessments - one to one appointments that gather information to assess appropriate services & level of care.
  • Group Therapy - provides individuals with insight & information regarding addiction & recovery strategies.
  • Individual Therapy - one to one counseling appointments.
  • Case Management/Care Coordination.
  • Family Intervention - client & family/friends.
  • Student Assistance Program Assessments.

Prevention Services

CMHA-CEI as a member of the Clinton Substance Abuse Prevention Coalition, along with human service, law enforcement, area schools’ staff, students & parents, business owners and concerned citizens work to:

  • Promote a safe, healthy environment for residents of Clinton County.
  • Increase awareness of consequences of alcohol & other drug use.
  • Reduce youth access to drugs, alcohol & tobacco.
  • Reduce underage drinking.

The Mission of Clinton Substance Abuse Prevention Coalition is to prevent and/or reduce use of alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs among all Clinton County residents, with a special focus on youth.

CCCC 201308

Cost for Services

CMHA-CEI provides specialty behavioral health and substance use services for people who meet criteria for our service array. We accept Medicaid, Healthy Michigan Plan and other publically funded health insurance. Fees are assessed based on the client's ability to pay. A coverage determination will identify a person's ability to pay along with any public funding that might be available.

Please contact Access (1-888-800-1559 or 517-346-8318) for eligibility determination.

CMHA-CEI does not offer stand-alone psychiatry services.


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Satisfied Client

20-12-2012 Hits:10230 SubAbuse Testimonials Jason Moon

I have a new outlook on life.

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Satisfied Client

20-12-2012 Hits:10554 SubAbuse Testimonials Jason Moon

I love you guys here!

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Satisfied Client

20-12-2012 Hits:10392 SubAbuse Testimonials Jason Moon

Thank you so much for letting me see the bigger picture and outlook on life.

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Satisfied Client

20-12-2012 Hits:10249 SubAbuse Testimonials Jason Moon

Wonderful service.

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Satisfied Client

20-12-2012 Hits:10505 SubAbuse Testimonials Jason Moon

I'm thankful for this staff and program.

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Satisfied Client

20-12-2012 Hits:10414 SubAbuse Testimonials Jason Moon

Thank you again for creating such a safe space to heal in. I really liked acupuncture and meditation, I think it helped a lot.

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Satisfied Client

20-12-2012 Hits:10391 SubAbuse Testimonials Jason Moon

I have been well taken care of, listened to and cared for.

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Satisfied Client

20-12-2012 Hits:9942 SubAbuse Testimonials Jason Moon

I feel the staff has been concerned and helpful in my recovery.

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CMHA-CEI Substance Abuse Services recognizes substance use disorders as chronic health conditions. Services are designed to address underlying issues as well as the presenting drug and/or alcohol related problems. This is accomplished by careful assessment and comprehensive treatment planning. A wide range of services are available as a model in continuing care including detoxification, residential, outpatient and self-help groups. Standard Program Hours are 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday.

Our services are provided by:
Clinton County Counseling Center (CCCC)
Correctional Assessment & Treatment Services (CATS)
House of Commons (HOC)
The Recovery Center (TRC)


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